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I want my grandkids to know about this important part of my life

This is me taken in the House Pressroom at Michigan's State Capitol. For 12 years, I managed activities in this complex of rooms behind the House Chambers.

I have three grandchildren who will grow up with a plethora of news sources available on the internet, but never experience old-fashioned newspapers and journalists who worked everyday with a passion to tell both sides of a story.

I would covet the opportunity to sit around the family dinner table and tell them about what drew me into the field of journalism.  When I graduated from MSU's School of Journalism back in the late sixties, most reporters felt like they had received a special calling to serve the people.

To be the eyes and ears of people who read your stories was considered a real privilege.  It was that feeling that kept me sitting through many, many long city council meetings in a variety of locations.  And when I didn't understand something, I would ask for an explanation.  Many times, I'd ask to have something repeated twice or three times just so I'd get it right.

During the career I met many amazing people and some who were despicable.  But I had taken a pledge to listen and to tell their story without prejudice.

This past summer, I remember my four-year-old grandson Xavier laughing about how I asked more questions than he did.  On long car rides, he and I talked about everything.  I'd ask him if he had ever seen a shark, whether he had ever held a snake and about his favorite dinosaur.    I love learning about people.  That's one of the reasons, I became a reporter.

Over the years, I acquired a big stack of newspapers covering major historical events like presidential elections and 9/11 and many more.  If they want to see a real newspaper, I gave them to my son Justin to share with them.  

Journalism is going through turbulent times right now.  But, I hope they understand it's historic importance to our way of life.  Reporters are a lifeline for our democracy and our way of life.  

I want them to know that part of me.  I'd love to tell them in person someday.  But, just in case, I'll try to use this blog.