What says Happy Mother's Day better than a big snake looking at your grandson in the Budapest Zoo?
MOTHER'S DAY--My mom never gave up and she always loved me

He's a World War II vet who served in the South Pacific and who's in the hospital thMis morning


Part #1-World War II vet shares from Wes Thorp on Vimeo.

I've been thinking a lot about my 92-year-old Uncle Ron Anderson, a World War II vet who served in the South Pacific, and his wife Aunt Aileen, 90, in the past few weeks.  They were key players in my life as role models for how to live life with all its challenges and messiness. 

This morning my Uncle Ron is in the hospital in Charleston, West Virginia dealing with declining health while my Aunt Aileen is at home dealing with her health challenges.  They are both special people and I have them on my list of people to thank God for.

As a boy who grew up without a dad, Ron was one of the guys that I turned my focus to as a role model.  I had 11 uncles and he was one of six who I had frequent contact with.  I need to spend some time thinking about all the contact I had with him and then share it.

Today, I just want him to know he's not forgotten, nor is my aunt who left a big, positive footprint in her life.

This picture of Uncle Ron holding me was taken in the very early fifties. On many Sunday's their house was a destination for dinner.


My Aunt Aileen loved to cook and she loved having family over for Sunday dinners. This was taken in the early fifties at their Farragut Street home in Bay City.


This was taken in their much younger days. They've been married for more than seven decades. They were a couple, but very much individuals.