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On this Mother's Day, thinking about life with my wife of almost 34 years

MOTHER'S DAY--My mom never gave up and she always loved me

My mother was a real life hero. When circumstances seemed crushing and life impossible, she wouldn't give up on life or on me.

Tomorrow's Mother's Day and I wish I could have all the mothers who have been part of my life sitting around a table.  There's my mother, my wife's mother, my daughter and my daughter-in-law.  They are special people who have a vital role.

This above picture was taken in 1947 the year before my father--Claude H. Thorp--vanished.  He left, never came back, never contacted us and never divorced her.  I was barely a toddler when he cast us by the side of the road with no means of support.

My mom didn't quit.  Life was hard and somedays were an emotional roller coaster for her.  She made it work.  She died in 1996.  She had a love that could only come from one place.  It was the overflow of the love that Jesus had for her and she passed it on to me.  Even though, we had been both rejected and cast aside, she made me fill the love of God and reminded me that I was a treasured son of His.

The fact that she made it is not her story, but it's God's story about how he never abandons us, even if human fathers do.

Mom, I hope you have a good table up in heaven for dinner on Mother's Day.  I'm thinking of you.  And I thank God for you and your strong will and conviction.