I just did my first vlog to my grandkids using my selfie pole and iPhone 5
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My cousin Colleen Anderson sings her testimony to the West Virginia legislature


I took this with my iPhone 5 at Colleen's concert last week at Michigan State University.



I've been to hundreds of legislative hearings at Michigan's State Capitol and at various places around the state.  But, I've never been to one where somebody sang their testimony.  

Then I went to a concert at Michigan State University given by my cousin Colleen Anderson who has been a long time resident of West Virginia.  She went there as a VISTA volunteer in 1970 where she got involved in organizing Cabin Creek Quilts.  She never left.  

Through the years, her love for the state and it's people was billboarded in her design and writing business, her music and her art.  

When there was the recent chemical spill in West Virginia waters which contaminated drinking water for a long period of time, she took her concerns to a hearing of their state legislature.  She sang her testimony, rather than speak it.  National Public Radio (NPR) reported on her effort.  This is the song: