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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Was former Gov. John Engler getting the politician's syndrome back in 1975


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The above clipping was one of several hundred that I found in a box of newspaper columns I wrote in the 70s and 80s while working for a now defunct company called Panax.  I worked in their State Capitol Bureau in Lansing.  The company had a long string of weeklies around the state that published our columns.

Most of our reporting was done as columns because in 1975 when this column was published the only way to distribute our reporting was through the mail.  So each piece had to have a longer shelf life.  

I wrote the above column about then State Rep. John Engler who was a 27-year-old political hard-charger.  He went on to serve two terms as governor where he became somewhat of a legend in the way he dealt with political opponents.  

I've thrown away several hundred columns I wrote and saved about 50.  I would love to have my grandkids see them.  They may never see real newspapers, except in a museum.