What pictures would you want your mother in heaven to see on her iPad this Mother's Day?
I just did my first vlog to my grandkids using my selfie pole and iPhone 5

What can baby-boomers learn from filmmaker and story-teller Casey Neistat?

I have to come clean about my addiction to the daily vlogs by Casey Neistat, a young New York City filmmaker who has taken personal story-telling to a new level.  

Every morning I have a routine on the web where I first go to the daily devotion from Our Daily Bread to let God know that I want him in my life that day.  Next I go to YouTube for the latest video blog from my friend Casey who I only know through his videos about his daily life.  He's married, a young dad, a filmmaker and knows how to make his everyday life interesting.  I feel like I know him.

How does this affect baby-boomers?  We all have a story that's lived daily.  Most of us have a smartphone which can shoot videos.  Most of us probably don't have a selfie pole to help shoot videos as we move around our day-to-day activities.  I'm learning how to use mine.

I've been thinking about my daily life and how I can make the mundane interesting.  Next week I have some serious eye surgery.  I wonder how far they'll let me go with my iPhone video.  Pre-op?  Talk with the doctor?  OR?  

Do you shoot video with your smartphone?  How would your daily life look if you made a short film and told your story of a day?

 Here's an example of Casey's work: