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I wonder if my mother in heaven who died in 1996 has an iPad with good wi-fi.  When she was living, I remember how much she liked pictures of our kids.  These were her first grandkids.  Now she would have three great grandkids.  I'd love to see her smile if she saw their pictures.

My picture collection of our family is massive.  I started when we brought our daughter home from the hospital more than 30 years ago and it has only increased with our grandkids, digital cameras, Instagram, Facebook, FaceTime, Picassa,  and all the other ways to share pictures.

This morning I combed through my most recent pictures and found a sampling for her to look at.  I know that she would share them with my wife's mother Catherine who is also in heaven.


This is her great grandson Miles who's within spitting distance of being a year old. This is her grandson's baby. He's a great little guy, really loved by his parents. We see him often either in person or on FaceTime using our iPad Mini.




This is her great-granddaughter Gretchen and the guy next to her is her dad Adam. Gretchen is full of life and has a great spirit. She was born in Bosnia where she lives with our daughter and Adam. My mom would smile big time when seeing this little darling.




The little guy on the right is her great-grandson Xavier and that's her granddaughter on the left, our daughter Krista. Xavier is a perfect mixture of his mom and dad. He's full of life and has a craving to learn. He's happiest when he can help with everyday chores.




This picture shows a part of my mom's legacy. She spent her life helping people. She'd come alongside them at their point of need and stick with them even when it was hard. This is the story of Dorcas from the Bible. At church, we were reminded of Dorcas. My mom was a Dorcas and it has rubbed off by God's grace.