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He's a World War II vet who served in the South Pacific and who's in the hospital thMis morning

What says Happy Mother's Day better than a big snake looking at your grandson in the Budapest Zoo?

I continue to thin out my massive collection of digital photographs.  I found these, including this picture of our almost five-year-old grandson when we visited the Budapest Zoo.  We went through the reptile house where he made a friend with this big guy who kept looking at him.

I share these as we get closer to a special holiday where the moms in our lives are celebrated.  My wife is an extraordinary person who has shared her love with me and our kids.  They reflect her in so many ways.  Her legacy is a loving family and a husband who marvels that our almost 34 years together have gone by in a flash.

Right now I'm not driving very much, so I'm restricted to getting her virtual flowers. These are from Lansing Gardens on the southside.
My grandson was not quite two years old when he made friends with this guy. I bet he was thinking that he would make a great pet.
This is the same grandson before he was a year-old. He could really make that jumping jack move.
This is our granddaughter walking to the market this morning with her mom. She's a carbon of her mom when she was that age.