Letter to my almost one-year-old grandson on his dad's 31st birthday
This is for guys who are about to become a new father-in-law or have just become one

Are you thinking of joining the masses to get rid of your landline phone?

These are the television outlets available through Apple TV.
These are available to us through Apple TV and the internet.

We've seen our kids do it.  We've had friends do it and we've read about how more and more people are giving up their landline phones in favor of cellphones.  For a few years, we both nodded that such a move is something we need to check out.

After going through a mental checklist of questions about doing it, we took the plunge yesterday.  Our bundled phone service, internet and cable was costing us almost $160 a month through Comcast.  We decided that all we really need is internet service which would give us wi fi capabilities.  

We now have cellphones to make cell calls from home with one of them able to make automatic wi fi calls.  

Ala-carte television had also become part of our vocabulary and over the past few months, we have noted what we watch and have checked to see if it's available through an alternative source.  We also have Netflix and from time-to-time have had HuluPlus.  Many shows are also available through network websites the next day.  We can put them on our television through Apple Play.

How much do we save?  Robo calls seem to be gone.  And . . .we pay $59 a month for Comcast internet versus almost $160 before.  So far, I really like the change.


This is the front counter of our local Comcast office.
All it took to make the change was a visit to our Comcast office. The change in our service had been made by the time we got home.