Okay I've said it: I'm an older baby-boomer guy who really like Pinterest
Will your grandkids ever get their hands dirty from a freshly printed newspaper?

Can a 68-year-old baby-boomer baby sit for his year-old grandson?


My grandson eats some of his lunch, applesauce and peaches from a tube.
Remember feeding your infant kids from baby food jars? Now it's tubes.


So guys--baby-boomers  born in the 40s and 50s--how long has it been since you've been left alone to take care of an infant grandchild, even for a few minutes?

No big deal, right?  You did it before when your kids were young.  What's the big deal?

Today, my son had to do a errand which meant that somebody needed to feed my year-old grandson lunch.  His mom and my wife were at a nearby park trying to get ready for a one-year-old birthday party.

I jumped at the chance to stay with him while he ate lunch in his high chair.  Piece of cake.  Then I thought about it for a few seconds.  The "what-if" questions sailed through my grandfatherly mind.  

His lunch which was more of a baby-brunch consisted of mixed fruit, a cheese stick and some Cheerios.  Remember baby-food jars?  They've been replaced with plastic tubes.  My grandson knew exactly what to do and emptied the tube in less than 30 seconds.  The cheese stick was made to baby specs with me breaking off little pieces.

He didn't fuss.  But he could have.  Do I remember what to do?  I think it would have come back.  

Do I want to do it again?  I can't wait.