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Can God still use me at age almost 69-years-old?


A selfie with my wife at Ada Bible Church
This is a selfie I took of us just before the service started Saturday night at Ada Bible Church


I can't pinpoint the day when I first started wondering if God had retired me from serving him.  The question is becoming more pronounced as I get ready to turn 69 years-old in a couple of months.

At church Saturday night--Ada Bible Church--I listened carefully for Pastor Jeff Manion to say his sermon didn't apply to those over 65 and especially those getting darned awful close to 70.

The sermon was from Acts 13 about Barnabas and Paul being sent out from the early church in Antioch to share the story of Jesus to those in Cyprus and a handful of cities in Turkey.  It was the start of the spread of Christianity.  

He used that as a jumping off point to talk about how God is asking us to move in our daily lives.  And, it wasn't necessarily about moving to another part of the world, but in our daily lives.  For me, at times, it seems like such questions only apply to those who are younger.  

I didn't hear Pastor Manion say don't worry about this one if you are over a certain age.  I'm going to be thinking about his sermon this week.  How and where is God moving me?  Here's a link to a clip from the sermon.