We couldn't resist going back to church--Ada Bible Church--this morning
I nominate my son-Justin Thorp-and son-in-law-Adam Jones-to be "Fathers-of-the-Year"

Getting a fire under my ass to write a blog post everyday

Me and my "24" t-shirt.
How many of you have a "24" t-shirt? I do and I wear it quite often.

 I can really find a whole lot of excuses to not blog.  I can tell myself that nothing is happening in my life that's blog worthy.  I can use the excuse of my eyes and not being able to see the way I'd like to.  The list could go on and on.

The kicker is that I like to write, but when I think about it my neurons go every which way about doing it later.  

Then I watched this video by Casey Neistat, a youngish New York City filmmaker, who shoots video mainly for YouTube.  His worldwide following is immense.  He has a daily vlog, a blog done with video that depicts his life with a great deal of transparency and artistry.  He's a real content creator who tugs at the interest of those who watch him.

In the vlog below, he talks about how he almost skipped that day's offering.  He had all kinds of excuses.  His life was pretty boring that day and he thought he might skip it.  

Then he changed his mind.  He needed to create video to keep his juices fresh.  So, he motored on with this offering.  He said, he needed to fire-up and create.  Go to the two-minute point in this vlog.  That's what I must do too.  So, here goes.