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Letter to my almost one-year-old grandson on his dad's 31st birthday

Keeping my promise: Getting my car serviced, lunch with a friend, thinking about a busy June

Post haircut selfie
More hair on my face than on my head after a haircut.

To keep my creative juices flowing, I challenged myself to write a blogpost everyday.  Today is pretty routine and very unexciting, but I'm sure it's not unlike the days of many others who are retired.  

In a few minutes, I leave for our Honda dealership to have my car serviced.  It's on the other side of town and I'll wait the hour or so that it takes for an oil change and whatever else they find done.  It's a Civic that has almost 90,000 miles.  I need to check if ours is one that has been recalled because of a faulty airbag.

Then, it's lunch with a friend.  We've been having lunch on the same day and same time for the past seven plus years.  We usually have a can of Progresso soup of some sort at his house and then spend some time talking about our lives and how we see God moving in them.  Occasionally, we watch a tv show like episodes of "24."

Then I come home.  I need to sort out the rest of a busy June where my son has a birthday, my two grandsons have birthdays and we have a wedding anniversary.  And there's Father's Day.  I'm not sure how relevant that is to me anymore.  I'm more of a "father emeritus."  Regardless, that's my day, so far.