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Letter to my almost one-year-old grandson on his dad's 31st birthday

My youngest grandson and I share some good conversation.
When you were at our house last Thanksgiving, you and I had a lot of time to talk.

Dear Miles,

Today is a big day for you, your dad and your mom.  It's your dad's 31st birthday and I hope all of you can do some hooting and hollering to celebrate this special occasion.

Even though you won't be a year old for more than a week, at some point, you'll be able to look at the pictures and down the line read it.

I was right there when your Grandma Thorp gave birth to your dad on really early in the morning on June 10, 1984.  We lived just down the street from the hospital where he was born.  When Grandma knew it was time for him to be born, I suggested that we walk to the hospital.  It had been a very hot summer day.  With some conviction, Grandma suggested strongly that we take the car.

I dropped her off at the Emergency Room entrance and then parked the car.  Because your dad was in a hurry to join our family, Grandma was already in the room where you deliver babies.  Thinking that your dad would take hours to be born, I brought sandwiches, a couple magazines and a tape player.

A picture of your dad when he was a new infant.
This is your dad a few days after he was born.


Well, I didn't need any of that because as soon as I got to the delivery room, Grandma was giving birth to your dad.  I had to wear special clothes that were germ free as I heard the doctor say it was a boy.  Then the doctor handed me a pair of fancy scissors to cut his umbilical cord and he said cut.  And I did it.

Grandma and I started our family with the two of us.  When your dad was born, it grew to four.  His birth added to the excitement of being part of a family.  We had a daughter and now had a son.

There's plenty more that I can share about the day before he was born and the days after.

He's a special guy.  And so are you.  You are a winner and never forget that.

I love you,

Grandpa Thorp

Your dad and your aunt when your dad was an infant.
This is your dad being held up by your Great Grandma Thorp. Your Aunt Krista is on the right.