This is for guys who are about to become a new father-in-law or have just become one
Can a 68-year-old baby-boomer baby sit for his year-old grandson?

Okay I've said it: I'm an older baby-boomer guy who really like Pinterest


My Pinterest page has become really useful to me and I don't cook.
This is my Pinterest page.



Several years ago my son told me about this new website called Pinterest.  He works in the tech industry and using technology to make life easier is his passion.

I checked out the site, but didn't see any application that would be relevant to me.  There were pictures and links to a whole lot of delicious looking dishes.  I like to eat, but I don't like to cook.  So, it was a non-starter for me.

The years went by and interesting in using Pinterest grew geometrically.  My son put his annual Christmas list there.  If I wanted to see what he wanted for Christmas I'd just go there.  Facebook friends would share what they're pinning and then I saw the other side of the rubicon.

People were pinning everything.  I could see that it was becoming a compendium of source material for almost anything.  Then the light bulb went off in my head.  Pinterest had become a search engine with pictures.  I love it.  

I can not only find out about two of my favorite foods, oatmeal and brussel sprouts, but two of my favorite topics right now involve my vision, chronic dry eye disease and retinas.  It's all there.

To my brothers who are my age, older baby-boomers, I urge you to try it.  Nobody will anymore think you are getting girlie.  It's worth a look.