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This is for guys who are about to become a new father-in-law or have just become one

Father of the Bride is a really funny movie with more than a few touches of relevance.
This is for the guy about to have a son-in-law join his family.

Dads, do you remember the first time you held your newborn daughter?  Did that beautiful little face with the fine features play strings on your heart that you never knew you had?

That's what happened to me when my daughter was born in the early 1980s.  When she was born my face turned into a major smile and my heart softened to the consistency of putty that sat out in the hot sun too long.

Fast forward to 2008 when she married a guy named Adam.  At the wedding rehearsal, I waited to practice walking her down the aisle.  She grabbed my arm and I heard Steve Martin's voice in my head where he talked about the same trip with his little girl.  

The movie is funny but it really shows the special nature of a father-daughter relationship.  She's my pumpkin.  She's beautiful and she walks on a special cloud that only daughters know about.

Son-in-laws are special to.  They are like eating Rice Krispies where some snap, crackle and pop is added to your life.  Mine has been worth the effort to get to know.  We've talked lots, argued some, drank a lot of coffee and beer.  

He's married to a special girl, my daughter, just like Steve Martin in the movie.  It's worth watching.  It's a pizza movie along with an an All Day IPA to drink.  I'm glad I found it at Amazon at a good price.

And when I'm done watching it, I will give the DVD to him who has a member of the next generation of beautiful daughters.  She's heavenly.  Stands to reason if you look at her mom . . . and her dad.


A picture right after I walked my daughter down the aisle.
This is a picture after I walked my daughter down the aisle. My son-in-law is on the right.