Baby-boomer dads: When was the last time you took out your son for a beer to talk politics and stuff?
Toyota really plucks my heart strings with it's Father's Day commercials

Two Urban Chestnut beers were part of my pre-Father's Day haul in St. Louis

I've got a ton of pictures to go through from our long weekend celebration of our youngest grandson's first birthday which is coming up on Friday.  It took place in St. Louis where my son and his family live.  

During that time we had lots of time to get a perspective of the world from a one-year-old who's just starting to crawl and who already has a favorite app on his mom's iPad Mini.  Before I gather my thoughts about the weekend and share more, I have to post these two picture of two early Father's Day presents.

Here's a sampler of pictures one really smiley and precocious one-year-old.

It's two bottles of really great craft beer from the Urban Chestnut brewery in the city.  This place could turn me into a beer drinker.  I love the flavors, particularly Snickelfritz, a German white beer.  Here's the two I brought home with me.

Two Urban Chestnuts beers.
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