What do you give your spouse on your 34th wedding anniversary?
Looking Back: Seven years ago today we were at Mount Vernon, George Washington's home

Listening to Petula Clark sing Downtown on a warm Saturday evening

We are sitting on our living room couch with our computers in our laps listening to singer Petula Clark from the 1960s sing Downtown and other classic hits that she sang.  It's all on our Apple Music where we have a free three month subscription.

While listening to these great sounds from my high school days, I'm poring over pictures taken with my iPhone from our past week.


How big ru
My grandson knows how big he is as he demonstrates here. His dad, our son, was a big guy at the same age. This is one of a steady stream of digital photographs we get from our kids.




Our granddaughter who's nearing three years old joins her brother in school. She was excited about her first day. They live in eastern Europe




Before the July Fourth parade downtown today, we split a piece of apple pie at Grand Traverse Pie Company. My wife had saved a card for a free piece. Only thing we had to purchase was Traverse City cherry flavored coffee.




While at the parade, my wife had a chance to visit with a former student who had to emigrated to this country from Myanmar, the old Burma. Gladys tutored her when she first arrived seven years ago.




Standing in front of the State Capitol while watching the parade, we took a selfie today. It was warm, but not hot.




We had a great, but healthy Fourth of July supper. It abounded in great tastes and filled me up.