#10--69 Things I've learned--There's life-changing value in listening to people's stories
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#11--69 Things I've learned--Read your Rick Steves' guidebook before you leave on your trip

Rick Steves' guidebook for Vienna
I have three Rick Steves' guidebooks in my collection, Vienna, Budapest and Germany

Have you ever used a Rick Steves' guidebook on a European trip?  How do you use it?  Do you first read it as you go from point to point?  Do you just skim it before you leave your hotel room?

We've been to three spots where we've had these guidebooks--Budapest, Vienna and Germany.  I loved all the detail about shops, museums, restaurants.  They are filled with plenty of really useful tips about traveling in each location.

I tried to use them in a variety of ways to get the most out of all the information provided.  One time I took the book with me and then review the info as we moved from point to point.  For me that was really hard to do as you try to navigate crowded trains and subways.  

Then, I ripped out the appropriate pages for where we were going on that day.  It was better.

I've learned that I need to read the guidebook carefully before I leave on a sightseeing tour.  That way I can catch all the relevant facts, highlight them and then know what to follow as I go from point to point.

This is #11 of my list of 69 Things I've Learned in Almost 69 years of life.