#11--69 Things I've learned--Read your Rick Steves' guidebook before you leave on your trip
#13--69 Things I've Learned--What do you do with appliance and tool instructional manuals?

#12--69 Things I've learned--I'm believing older guys can learn how to cook full, multi-course meals

These veggies are searable, I think.
I'm more used to searing with the written word than with foods like veggies.

My son can cook and so can my son-in-law.  As I get ready to turn 69-years-old, my informal bucket list has cooking a full meal in the top five.  

Today, real guys cook and they cook well and they can cook just about anything.  It wasn't that way when I was a kid, not at all and somehow I slid through life being able to do just the basics, like heat up frozen meals, soup from a can and other very simple things.  

This is very cliche, but I can cook meat and some veggies on the grill and they taste passable.  And I've thrown stuff in the microwave like potatoes and it works.

I want to do more.  Yes, I can read instructions in a recipe.  Part of me is afraid of failing, setting something on fire, but I will try soon.

This is item #12 on my list of things I've learned in almost 69 years of life.  Guys need to be able to cook.  And it's time for this guy to start.