#12--69 Things I've learned--I'm believing older guys can learn how to cook full, multi-course meals
#14--69 Things I've Learned--Keep walking or running and use the phone app Runkeeper

#13--69 Things I've Learned--What do you do with appliance and tool instructional manuals?

Some of my instruction manuals.
I've acquired quite a collection of instruction manuals over the past 34 years.

Could you find the instruction manual for your washer and driver?  For your furnace?  How about that power sprayer?

As my wife and I clean out with the eventual goal of downsizing to a smaller place, I've found several big file folders with manuals for everything from a crockpot to a power sprayer.  In that time, we've had many different coffee makers, as well as telephones.

We will occasionally wonder about when we bought a certain item and we guess.  I bet we've missed it by more than a year or two on several occasions. 

This week we bought a new replacement over-the-range microwave.  This time I've put all the pertinent information on the manual.  I've stapled all the appropriate receipts and submitted online my registration for this.  No guessing anymore.