#13--69 Things I've Learned--What do you do with appliance and tool instructional manuals?
#15--69 Things I've Learned--As a kid, my doorway to the world was through philately

#14--69 Things I've Learned--Keep walking or running and use the phone app Runkeeper

The Runkeeper dashboard.
This is the dashboard for my Runkeeper. My wife has one too on hers.

As I get within days of turning 69 years-old, I know that my running days are over.  I haven't seen them for a long time.  

When my wife and I were dating in the late 1970s, we'd run together all the time. Now we try to walk most everyday.  The tool we use to measure our walking and to keep track of all the salient facts is Runkeeper which is an app for our iPhones. We know where we walked, how long, our pace, our average speed per mile and a whole lot of comparisons with previous walks.

Because it's based on GPS, we can walk everywhere and get an accurate read of our activities.

There are lots of reasons to do this.  We want the cardiovascular benefits and we want our joints to retain range of motion.  We also enjoy the chance to talk with each other.

How are we doing?  

As of this afternoon when we finished our walk, we had logged 507 miles since the middle of May last year.  The only challenge is our state's changing climate where winter becomes a reality around November.