#14--69 Things I've Learned--Keep walking or running and use the phone app Runkeeper
#16--69 Things I've Learned--Neither Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or any other politician is the answer for this country

#15--69 Things I've Learned--As a kid, my doorway to the world was through philately

Project Mercury stamps.
Remember Project Mercury, the first manned space flight? They issued a stamp when it happened. I got a sheet of them.



You got grandkids?  Do you think they will ever know about postage stamps?

Growing-up in Bay City, Michigan in the 1960s, postage stamps were my connection to the world and to history.  Back then, the U.S. Post Office released new commemorative stamps to recognize people and remember events.

As a youngster, I collected them.  I would regularly sort through them and then match them to the events and stories I saw in the local newspaper.  I learned a lot about the world around me and my reading improved geometrically.  My curiosity level about the world grew and grew because of postage stamps.

How do kids learn about the world now?  Is YouTube.com an alternative?  Check all the vlogs produced during travels around the world.  

Back in the 60s, the U.S. Post Office was probably one of the most important U.S. government agencies.  Now it's future is in doubt.  We have email.