#16--69 Things I've Learned--Neither Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or any other politician is the answer for this country
#18--69 Things I've Learned--I wish I could have a do-over on my literature classes from high school and college

#17--69 Things I've Learned--My grandkids helped me find my inner fetish for photography

This is my computer screen of snapshots.
Digital cameras, my iPhone and my grandkids set fire to my interest in taking pictures.

I just loved doing it.  It started in high school when I did it all the time, disappeared for awhile and then came back when my wife and started having kids.

I love taking pictures.  I was the photographer for the high school newspaper and I ended up working around a lot of news photographers.  When our daughter was born and then our son, I filled the walls in my office with pictures of the kids.

Now we have four grandkids.  Three born and one still in utero.  Digital cameras fed my habit.  I not only like to take them, I love looking at them.  

Telling a story through video fascinates me.  I can do it with my iPhone.  High on my to-do list is learning how to edit the video clips.

How many digital photos and video clips do I have?  More than 20,000 and that number is growing.