#18--69 Things I've Learned--I wish I could have a do-over on my literature classes from high school and college
#20--69 Things I've Learned--I know too little about World War II which influenced my life greatly

#19--69 Things I've Learned--John 3:16 was burned into my heart after a second-grade Christmas program

A grade school Christmas program stuck with me for life.
As a second-grader, I memorized John 3:16 from this Christmas program booklet.

I remember being a little nervous about reciting John 3:16 before a church filled with parents and others at a Christmas program performed by the Lutheran school I attended.  I was in second grade and my job was to recite John 3:16.

My mother helped me memorize it and when the time came I was able to get up before the filled church and recite it flawlessly. That simple role had a lifelong effect on me.  I've never forgotten this verse and there haven't been many days in my almost 69 years that I haven't had this verse go through my head.

It stuck with me.  When I was awake during a reconstruction on a broken ankle, it automatically came back to me.  Same thing during a series of eye surgeries.  The night my mother died.  The mornings that my kids were born.  And the middle of the night when I go to the bathroom.

As I continue on my march to remember what I've learned in almost 69 years, the importance of scripture memory has to stand near the top of the list.