#19--69 Things I've Learned--John 3:16 was burned into my heart after a second-grade Christmas program
#21--69 Things I've Learned--Just a few minutes can determine how you're known to the world

#20--69 Things I've Learned--I know too little about World War II which influenced my life greatly


A World War II ration book.
This is a ration book from World War II that my mother had saved. We found it among hundreds of papers and pictures she had saved.



I am a child of World War II, so to speak.  I'm a member of the first class of baby-boomers having been born in 1946.  I turn 69 on Monday.  This is #20 of my list of 69 things I've learned.

My life and my conception was tied to my dad coming home from the war in the Pacific.  He had served in the Navy and was on the ground in Okinawa.  My mother worked in an Auto-Lite plant which was involved in war production in Bay City, Michigan.  My aunts and uncles dealt with the circumstances of our country being involved in a major war fought on two fronts.

While combing through my mom's papers, I found a ration book with coupons for some of her brothers and sisters.  I forgot that you couldn't just go to a store and buy something.  You had to have the money, of course and you had to have a ration coupon.

As a kid, I heard my mom talk about this period of time.  But, it went in one ear, swirled around a little and then went out the other.  I'm now feeling a desire to learn more about this war and how it affected life in this country.