First three of 69 Things I've learned as I approach my 69th birthday in 22 days
#5--69 Things I've learned in almost 69 years; take notes and ask questions when hearing old family stories

#4--69 Things I've learned in almost 69 years; learn to talk deeply with and listen your spouse

Our new walking shoes.
This is the third pair of walking shoes that we've gotten from Playmakers, East Lansing, in the last few years.

I remember being on a panel at a conference where they asked me one thing I liked about my wife.  What stood out in  in my mind about my wife, I said, is that she likes to listen to me talk.  But when we were walking this morning is really occurred to me that I really like listening to her talk and we do that a lot.

One of the 69 Things I've Learned as I approach being 69 years old is the importance of having somebody who you can talk deeply too, somebody who will listen to what's on your heart, somebody who will help you sort things out.

We do that most commonly on walks in the neighborhood, in nearby parks and wherever else we might be.  I thrive on these conversations.  And I'm a better person because of them.  

This is something I was to pass on to my grandkids.  Find somebody who you can really talk to and who will listen.