#5--69 Things I've learned in almost 69 years; take notes and ask questions when hearing old family stories
#7--69 Things I've learned--I loved stuffed peppers as a boy and I still love them as an almost 69 year old guy

#6--69 Things I've learned in almost 69 years; learn how take good sermon notes


How do you take sermon notes?
Some of my past sermon notes at Ada Bible Church


I remember when I first started taking sermon notes in the mid-sixties at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bay City.  My mother was a little embarrassed because people just didn't do that back in those days. Now it's common.

In the past 50 years, I've taken notes for hundreds of sermons.  Usually, I write on a church bulletin.  This exercise can be helpful in two ways.  First, it forces you to listen and not be distracted and second, it's a good way to capture the main points of a message to go back to later.

In my study, I have a three inch stack of sermon notes that I have saved over the past few years from Ada Bible Church.  I am going to go back over them to harvest whatever learning I can get again.

My next item on my list of 69 Things I've learn in almost 69 years is to learn how to take the best possible sermon notes.  Sermons are written to be remembered and to become part of your life.  

How much more can pastors do to enable their people to drive the truths from a sermon into their hearts?