#6--69 Things I've learned in almost 69 years; learn how take good sermon notes
#8--69 Things I've learned--You don't need a prayer book or a prayer written by someone else

#7--69 Things I've learned--I loved stuffed peppers as a boy and I still love them as an almost 69 year old guy


One of my favorite things to eat
I remember when my mom made stuff peppers in an old roaster when I was a young boy. Loved them. My wife still makes them.


There are certain meals that I loved as a boy and that I still love as an almost 69-year-old guy.  Stuffed peppers are one of them.  

I have fond memories of my mother making them in an old cast aluminum roaster and when they were done, eating them was a taste of heaven.  I still have the same reaction today when my wife makes them.

Other personal favorites include meat loaf and tuna fish and noodle.  I grew up eating kielbasa. Love it.  But, I know eating it leads to an open invitation to visit a cardiologist.  I think I'll pass thank-you.

This item number seven of things I've learned as I move closer to turning 69.