#7--69 Things I've learned--I loved stuffed peppers as a boy and I still love them as an almost 69 year old guy
#9--69 Things I've learned--It's really, really important to keep your gutters clean

#8--69 Things I've learned--You don't need a prayer book or a prayer written by someone else


The Lutheran Prayer Book
This was my mother's prayer book. I was raised in a religious culture where pastors prayed and where you used prayer books and prayers written by others.


When I was growing up, it was common practice to pray.  We prayed before and after meals and when I went to bed.  Depending on the occasion, it was always the same prayer.  Then on Sundays, pastors always prayed using high-sounding theological language where it was easy to nod your head at words that sounded great, but didn't penetrate my heart.

I remember my mom always had a copy of the devotional booklet Portals of Prayer under her pillow and in the back of that were written prayers.  She used it and so did I as I grew into adulthood.

As I got past middle age, it became clear to me that prayer, for the most part, is a conversation between me and God.  He wants to hear my words and I want to hear his.

I regret that it's taken so long for me to learn this.  But I'm glad I have.

This is #8 of the #69 Things I have learned in my almost 69 years of life.