#8--69 Things I've learned--You don't need a prayer book or a prayer written by someone else
#9--69 Things I've learned--The cliche about the apple not falling far from the tree doesn't have to be right

#9--69 Things I've learned--It's really, really important to keep your gutters clean


We have the really, really wide gutters to catch the rain that comes off our Cape Cod roof.
I've learned through experience to keep my gutters clean


If you live around trees and leaves, your gutters will fill up pretty quickly.  And, if you live in a house with a pitched roof, you will quickly learn about getting water in your basement.  That's never a pleasant experience.

Having had this happen, I learned the importance of keeping your gutters cleaned out.  Over the course of a spring, summer and fall, they become filled with leaves, pine needles and other gunk.

Now I try hard to be proactive.  I get the ladder and the hose, climb up and get my hands dirty removing all the gunk.

Is this worth it?  Definitely.  And that's why I have it on my list of 69 Things I've Learned in my almost 69 years of life.