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Michigan legislators Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat are not the first state lawmakers to have a serious moral failure

I spent most of my adult life working in and around the Michigan Legislature and during that time I saw plenty of lawmakers succumb to all kinds of temptation, including adultery.  It's nothing new and it doesn't happen with just members of one political party.

What's my point?

This past week it was revealed that two state representatives had an extra-marital affair with each other and then made a clumsy effort to cover it up.  They may have broken legislative regulations, as well as laws.  

What bothers me most is that both bragged about their belief in Jesus Christ and labelled themselves as Bible-believing Christians with family values.  They acted with a condescending manner about anybody who didn't share their belief and values.  Now, many are pointing to them as typical Christians who talk a good game but don't play it.

What gets lost in the political posturing are the realities of sin, the power of being tempted to sin, especially for Christians and how easy it is to fall prey to that temptation.  Christians fail and sometimes they fail really big and what they do can hurt people.

This is where Jesus enters the picture.  If the two erring lawmakers go to Jesus and sincerely admit and confess their sins and admit their need for him, then they can be forgiven.  That restores their relationship with God.  But, they still have to deal with the shame and hurt that they brought to their families, to the people they represent and to the state of Michigan.  

This is not a tea party problem.  It's a human problem.  That's why Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead and went back into heaven.  Relationships with God can be restored.

But, for that to happen the arrogance in the hearts of the two legislators needs to be stripped out and they need to see their sin, admit it and ask for forgiveness.

I'm no better than them.  None of us are.  But Jesus is there for all of us.