#22--69 Things I've Learned--It's too easy to think you're done after you retire
Can you name one thing you've learned for each year you've lived?

#23--69 Things I've Learned--Voters and politicians should be demanding a free and vigorous news media

Every public official should read "The Press and America."
This is my old journalism history textbook from the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.

Living in the State Capital city of Michigan, you would think there would be healthy newspaper that would serve as the eyes and ears of the community.  Why?  

It's the governmental seat for the whole state.  One of the largest institutions of higher education in the world-Michigan State University-is located right next door and it's re-emerging as the hub for high-tech auto manufacturing.  

Lots of stuff is happening and government at all levels is involved.  Practices and processes are changing at warp speed leaving the everyday person not understanding and not sure who to trust.

Throughout the history of this country, it has been the newspaper that has kept government and other portions of our culture accountable.  Before the current age, journalists prided themselves in trying to present both sides of an issue.  Today, it seems that the media has a point of view.  Readers are left with one side and usually that's just a partial story.

Our democracy, our economy and our future will be decided by the health of our news media.  Right now, it doesn't seem too healthy.  

Will it ever regain, its historical stature?