#23--69 Things I've Learned--Voters and politicians should be demanding a free and vigorous news media
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Can you name one thing you've learned for each year you've lived?

A selfie I took while in Bosnia for a family reunion.
I learn stuff everyday, I think. You?


Are you over fifty?  

Here's a challenge:  Describe one thing you've learned for each year that you have lived.  I challenge you to try it.  Maybe, it's something simple that affected you, but won't change the world.  Or maybe, it's something that's really consequential that could touch a lot of people.

I tried it.  I turned 69 on the last day of August and in the middle of the month, I challenged myself to come up with 69 things I've learned.  They ranged from the importance of flossing to my latent desire to be a photographer.  I got stuck in the mud in my quest at number 23 and then I stopped.

I know that my life had been filled with lessons.  I've learned a lot.  But, right now, it's not jumping to the top of my personal radar.

How about you?  What have you learned from living life daily?  It could be anything.  It just needs to be important to you.

My quest to list my "69 lessons" has not stopped, it has just taken a pause.  I'm thinking about it.