Are you prepared for the national canned pumpkin shortage?
Is pumpkin for pies being hoarded because of an anticipated shortage?

Could Michigan become a national hub for growing hops for craft beer?


Michigan's craft beer industry is needing more hops.
What do you know about hops?

Could Michigan add another food item to its list of money-making crops?  There's corn, sugar beets, soy beans, navy beans and several more.

How about hops?  They are used as a sweetener in beer production.  And the Great Lakes state has become a hotbed for craft beer production where hops are needed in massive quantities.  

Google has a whole list of links about hop production in Michigan and how it's starting to get noticed.  Check this article from the Detroit Free Press about how a few guys in Eaton Rapids just south of Lansing took a half an acre and turned it into hops production.  

Then there's this piece on about how U.S. Sen. Gary Peters says Michigan is a natural place to grow them.