My wife and I deliver "Meals on Wheels" for the first time today
Our first "Meals On Wheels" deliveries opened our eyes to need in our city

Apple's Face Time is a real friend to grandparents with distant grandchildren


Using FaceTime to visit our grandson.
Visiting with our youngest grandson over Face Time.



On most mornings when we get out of bed, the first thing we do is check our phone for pictures from our grandkids scattered in a couple of spots around the world.  We look first to Instagram and then to Flare, a new photo sharing app that is currently in beta.

But, the third leg of our photo sharing stool is Face Time where we can visit over live video on our various Apple devices.  We've seen our two grandsons and granddaughter at various key points in their lives this way.  That includes crawling, walking, talking and a whole host of other milestones.  We love it and we are so blessed that our kids love to share.

Last night, I was sitting at my desk when all of a sudden my youngest grandson popped up on my large computer monitor with a huge smile.  We visited.  My wife and I spent the rest of the evening with big smiles on our faces.

If you have an Apple device don't be intimidated.  It's similar to making a telephone call.  It's that simple.