Lessons I learned this weekend from my almost 18-month-old grandson
Jesus is bigger than Ted Cruz, the State Capitol of Michigan and even Satan

I think I better understand why my mother always talked about her brothers and sisters so much

Me and my youngest grandson.
Our youngest grandson and his family was here this weekend. I loved it.

My most used tag on this blog is "Family."  I love writing and sharing about my kids and now my grandkids.  I have more than 2,700 posts on this blog and a great chunk of them is about my two kids, their spouses and their kids.  It's a record of their growth and how I related to them.  

I've often asked myself why do I mention them so much.  Am I bragging?  No, not really.  For me, it's a point of celebration where I can smile and I can see the evidence of the existence and presence of God.  And, it's something that I love being part of with my wife.  

I get my primary identity from being a child of God.  He adopted me.  But, I get my secondary identity from being a dad and a husband.  It hasn't come from the jobs I've held in my life or the things that happened to me early in my life.

Growing up my family was my mom and me and a little fox terrier dog.  That was it.  Now, it's eleven.  My wife and me, our two kids and five grandkids, two of whom are pre-born.

I think this blog has helped me sort through the pieces of my feelings about all this and sometimes I've done this clumsily. 

In the New Year, I hope to bring a little more intention, order and clarity to it.

My mom had six brothers and five sisters.  They all brought a special meaning and purpose to her life.  I better understand why.

Great quote about one of the benefits of writing.
I think this says it well. I've experienced this.

She's playing with our grandson.
My wife plays with our youngest grandson this morning before he and his family left to go home.