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It's time for a new family picture for our wall over our mantle

Pictures over our mantle.
Pictures over our mantle need to be updated.

I love being surrounded by pictures of our immediate family.  In our living room and when sitting on our couch, all I have to do is turn my head to the left or right and I see family, our kids, our grandkids and my wife and me.  These were taken at a variety of points in time.

Then go into our kitchen and you'll see more.  There's a huge montage that features our growing grandchildren.  And then in the hallway, there's more.  They are constant reminders of the best part of my life, being part of a family.

But our collection is in need of updating.  We need a new shot of our whole immediate family.  The one of the original four is great.  But, by spring we will be eleven.  Somehow we need to get everybody together and do it.  Two new grand babies are due in the spring.

My taste for family pictures really exploded when we had our daughter 33 years ago.  As I took pictures and got them printed, I put them up on my office wall in the State Capitol Pressroom.  My collection grew until it occupied a whole wall over my telephone and then we had our son.  There were even more.

I love capturing moments in the history of our family.  These are times that once they happen will never comeback unless you have a photo or video.