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Where do you take an inquiring and energetic 18-month-old on a drizzly day in the Lansing, MI area?

Jesus is bigger than Ted Cruz, the State Capitol of Michigan and even Satan

Nativity set on our end table.
See Jesus in the manager of our Nativity set on our end table.

Has the birth of Jesus become just a big yawn here in Lansing, the State Capital city of Michigan?

The supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz are going to hold a live Nativity on the front lawn of the State Capitol on Dec. 12 and 13 and the Satanists will be erecting a temporary display honoring the devil.  As far as I can see, there's been nary a word about it locally.  

In past years, the ACLU, local atheists and others would be standing in line at court to stop such displays.  There would be speeches and Facebook would be filled with warnings about how Jesus-followers are trying to take over our state.

I see nothing this year, other than a Detroit News story about the Cruz-sponsored Live Nativity.  What's happening?  Nobody cares?  They don't see Jesus as a threat?

The most important question an individual will ever have to deal with is whether they accept Jesus as who he says he is or whether they reject him.

I felt more comfortable when people were riled up.  To me that meant that Jesus was a threat to the status quo.