I was at the University of Michigan stadium when President Lyndon Johnson announced the Great Society in 1964
My wife and I deliver "Meals on Wheels" for the first time today

My mother got her first Michigan driver's license when she was fourteen-years-old


My mother's first driver's license.
My mother got her first driver's license in Gagetown, Michigan when she was 14-years-old.


I continue going through several plastic tubs of old papers and pictures from my mother's house in Bay City.  I have found a ton of interesting stuff dating back to the early twenties, the Depression and World War II.

This includes my mom's first driver's license that she got while growing up in the Thumb of Michigan where she grew up with 11 brothers and sisters.  I remember her telling how my Uncle Wes Moll taught her how to drive in the farm fields and the backroads.  There was no driver's training and no tests to take.

I think of my grandkids and when they might get their first driver's license.  Because of autonomous vehicles, will they ever need one?  I'm picking up on the chatter that driverless cars are just around the corner, so to speak.