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Our first "Meals On Wheels" deliveries opened our eyes to need in our city

A hot meal from Meals on Wheels.
This is the hot meal that we delivered.

We did our first Meals On Wheels delivery yesterday.  After doing it and seeing the smiles on the faces of the people we dropped off meals to, we felt good about doing it.  We delivered 17 meals to 11 different people.  They all seemed elderly and had some sort of physical challenge. 

Our meals were ready for us at the program's kitchens and were contained in two coolers.  We also had a clip board with all the information that we needed to make the deliveries.

We enjoyed doing it, especially being able to do it together.  We are down to do it twice in December.

A clip board with Meals On Wheels information.
Our route was organized in a very clear way with a map which made delivery very easy.




Delivering the meals.
Some driveways were not shoveled out and some porches were not clear of snow.


Pick-up for Meals on Wheels.
This is where we picked up our cooler and insulated bag.