I remember my first visit to Paris ten years ago.
Are you old enough to remember using wax paper to wrap sandwiches?

Traveling with 15-month-old on an airplane across the AtlanticI

Traveling with a 15-month-old
My daughter-in-law had a dollar store notebook bag of little stuff for each of us to use to entertain our 15-month-old grandson.


I was rummaging through a page of digital images from this past year and I found one of a special collection of little dollar store toys that my daughter-in-law got for our 15-month-old grandson to help entertain him on our plane ride across the Atlantic.

My wife, my son, my daughter-in-law and I each had a notebook storage bag filled with little dollar store toys that could entertain a little guy on a long plane ride.  The bag contained a real assortment of baby-friendly items, including stickers.

Did it work?  Not perfectly.  He was tired and off his routine.  But for five minutes here and three minutes there, it seemed to work.  I used the little stickers to put on the bottom of his feet.  He enjoyed bending to pick them off.