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Drinking Founders Backwoods Bastard for the second year in a row with my son


Backwoods Bastard beer from Founders.
Drinking this Backwoods Bastard with my son was special

When was the last time that you had a really good beer with your son?  My son Justin and I on the day after Thanksgiving this year went to Horrock's Farm Market on Lansing's westside where they have a bar with a huge selection of craft beers.  For the second year in a row, we had a glass of Founders Backwoods Bastard, probably the best beer I've ever drank.

It would be easy to believe that they serve this beer in heaven.  It has that special kind of taste that you just want to sip and has an alcohol content that's over 11 percent.  

I really enjoy these times with him where we have an enthusiasm and openness of conversation that goes back a long ways.  Back when he was in grade school and on the weekends when we would grocery shop, we would preface the outing by drinking a cappuccino.  It became a ritual where the conversation was open and wide-ranging, but usually settled around tech and politics.

We still drink coffee together, but now we've added craft beer.  Justin has a son and I bet there will be a coffee shop in the St. Louis area where you will see the two of them talking and enjoying each other.  And when they get to having a beer together, I'd recommend Schnickelfrtiz from Urban Chestnut.  I've had a few of those too.

And when the time comes bring your son-in-law.  We've done that also.


My son Justin Thorp.
My son Justin has broadened my appreciation of beer tastes.


The beer bar at Horrocks has an eclectic selection of beer.
This is the bar at Horrocks Farm Market where we got the Backwoods Bastard.