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Here's my reason for continuing this more than eleven years


Here's why I may continue blogging.
This might explain why I continue blogging.

I'm at the part of my life where I have fewer and fewer pieces to take out of my puzzle box where I find the bits and pieces of what remains.  I'm a member of the first class of baby-boomers and we all turn 70 years old this next year.  


I've experienced a lot, seen a lot, made plenty of mistakes, have been blessed beyond any realistic expectation and I still have more to do.  I want to curate my life experiences to see what I've learned and how I can use that in the future.  I also want my five grandkids to know who I am and I want them to know what they can pick and take from my life.

Since I started this blog in October of 2004, I have written more than 2,800 posts.  Some are merely links with a little explanation of items that I found interesting and helpful.  Others are pieces of me.  I have a personal story that for years I've felt should be shared.  On this blog, I would start it, go for a bit and then lose the fire.  I've done that eight or nine times.  Because of this blog I think I've figured out why.

I'm awed and somewhat fearful of my age and of losing my vision.  I know that I need to use time wisely.  I have to carefully cull through my interests and daily life to find what's really important for me.  I've had to slog through the personal mud to get to that front door.  I've talked about some of that in this blog.  There are themes and patterns that re-emerge.

I want to continue with this next year.  I want to be a little more unbridled in my thinking and my writing.  I want Xavier, Gretchen, Miles, unborn granddaughter and grandson to know me  and to be familiar with their roots.