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I hope my grandkids ask me about my greatest strength


What is your greatest strength?
Kara Tippetts shared her life and death through her blog and her book.


If my kids or grandkids ever ask me the question, I think I'm ready with an answer that I'm really pretty sure about.

I hope my five grandkids have a chance to read this someday.  As I transition through the fourth-quarter of my life, I've had lots of time to think about my strong and weak points.  I've seen plenty of the latter and felt uncertain about the former.

Through the years, I've stumbled in my life more than my fair share.  But I've always been able to get up.

When I was younger, I had an intellectual knowledge of the importance of Jesus is my life, but my heart knowledge of that was rather thin.  

It's taking me a long time to learn the importance of what Kara Tippetts says.  My biggest strength is my neediness for Jesus.  He gives me real hope.  I see the reality of that fact more and more everyday.