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Our 2015 Thorp Report: Gladys and I have been living the adventure


Our family selfie.
Check this family selfie taken at the Split Croatia Airport. I was smiling inside.


Dear Family and Friends,

As Gladys and I solidify our positions as senior citizens, I have to report that in 2015, we continued to "live the adventure."  That phrase describes our life over the past year and we are committed to do the same during the next year.  As we itemize everything that happened, we have to shake our heads in amazement at how God has revealed himself to us.

Our starting point has to be with our five grandkids.  That's right five.  Three boys and two girls.  I'll explain the increasing numbers in a minute.  

In September, Gladys and I along with Justin, Lauren and their 18-month-old son got on a plane for Stockholm, Sweden and got on another for Split Croatia where we met Krista and Adam and their kids.  It was family reunion time.  After adjusting to time zone changes at their home in Bosnia, we headed back to Croatia where we boarded a ferry for a two-hour ride to the Island of Vis in the middle of the Adriatic Sea.  On the southside of the mountainous island, we stayed in a sleepy village of Komiza which is right on the water.

We had our own spacious villa where the kids could play and adults could visit.  On our walks through one lane streets, we saw olive trees  in various stages of growth.  The locally-pressed olive oil had a special flavor.  We ate fresh squid and octopus and had a whole dinner cooked by Adam on an open fire with special cookware using a method called sac, pronounced sash.

While there, I came down with a bad cough that resulted in me visiting a local doctor.  My interpreter was Krista.  The cough which didn't leave me until we got home made my nights short.

What about the two extra grandkids?  Krista is pregnant with a boy and Lauren is pregnant with a girl.  They are both due to deliver in the spring.  

Back home in the states, for much of the winter, I had double vision.  The lens in my right eye fell.  In May, two ophthalmologists, took out the fallen lens and put a new one in front of my iris.  Things are back to normal for the most part.  

Gladys is still a student teacher supervisor for Spring Arbor University which gets her into elementary classrooms in a good chunk of central Michigan and around the edges.  She's passing on what she learned during her time in the classroom.

The biggest part of our adventure this past year has been seeing how God revealed himself to us in everything that happens.  We have been looking and seeing his presence all around us. He was there when we took a family selfie at the Split Airport and I wasn't smiling and he's there everyday here in Lansing.  We see him every time we go to Horrocks Farm Market on the westside of Lansing.  It's a treasure chest of colors and shapes and tastes.  

On our daily walks in the neighborhood, we have seen a plastic baby Jesus in a manger scene on a neighbor's front lawn.  It's a reminder of the very real Jesus who is both the perfect God and perfect man who gives us all hope during a very tumultuous time in our history.

Wes and Gladys

A selfie with Gladys.
Taking a selfie on the beach at the Island of Vis.