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Our front lawn is decorated with a Star Shower Laser Light that I saw advertised on television


I was attracted to the Star Shower Laser Light I saw in the television commercial.  But over the years I've learned that these ads over-promise what the product can do.  You usually order the product over the phone and pay a shipping charge too.

It still attracted me because I wanted to fill our front yard with Christmas lights, but I didn't want to string lights, get out a ladder or any of that stuff.  The Star Shower is a laser light that shines hundreds of colored light looking things at whatever it's aimed at.  On the tv ad, it really looks neat and easy.  

You just put the light on an included stake, put it in the ground, hook an outdoor power cord, turn it on and wait for night fall.  When it turned dark, I was impressed and so was my neighbor's grandchild who got excited about all the lights in our yard.  Bingo.  We did it.  We now have one of the cool decorated houses that people look at.  We even had the laser lights shine in the darkened rooms of our house.

Neighbor wanted to know how much we paid.  I found it on Amazon and paid $49 and no shipping with their Prime membership.