A Fort Apache Playset, Mt. Olive Lutheran School in Bay City, a Christmas program in 1954 and John 3:16
I will be thinking of my grade school principal this morning when I'm singing Christmas Carols in church

To My Grandkids: I want to introduce you to your great grandmother and great grandfather


My mom and dad.
This my mom and dad on their wedding day.



I have five grandchildren and I want them to know why their Grandpa Thorp--that's me--pulled out the Great Lakes Red bottle on Tuesday, Dec. 15 and drank a toast to their great grandparents, my mother and dad, Frieda and Claude Thorp.  If they were still living, it would be their 70th wedding anniversary.  They got married on Dec. 15, 1946 after my dad came home from service in World War II where he served in the U.S. Navy.

This picture taken on their wedding day shows how my mom was a beautiful bride.  My dad seemed to have that World War II handsomeness.  

She grew up on a farm in the Thumb of Michigan and gradually made her way to Bay City, Michigan with her six brothers and five sisters.  My dad was from upstate New York and had lived in New York City.  They met through my uncle who introduced them while serving on the same ship in the Pacific.

I was raised by my mother and never knew my father.  However, I recently discovered a treasure trove of letters that my dad wrote to my mom.  I'm learning more and I will share with my grandkids what might help them better understand their family background.

The Great Lakes Red bottle is on the kitchen counter unopened till Tuesday.  These are my parents who God gave to me.