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Where does God reveal himself in Lansing, Michigan?


Big mounts of apples at Horrocks.
This was taken yesterday while shopping at Horrocks Farm Market in Lansing.


Where do you go to see the presence of God?  This question won't make sense if you don't believe in a Creator and your heart is shut to the possibility that one exists.

Here in central Michigan, I feel I see God reveal himself at an incredible farm market on the west side of Lansing, Horrocks.  I've gone through periods the last few years where my vision has been compromised with the quality of my visual future in serious doubt.  When I needed reassurance that God was in control, my wife and I would go to Horrocks.  

I would see all the shapes and colors of vegetables and fruits from Michigan and throughout the country and the world.  It was amazing if you looked at them closely.  Yesterday, it was the apples that grabbed my attention.  The various colors popped out.  

In Psalm 104, the writer says about God: 

He makes grass grow for the cattle,
    and plants for people to cultivate—
    bringing forth food from the earth:

I thank God for Horrocks and all the other ways that he reveals himself to us.