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Posing at McDonalds in East Lansing.
It was a drizzly day and a perfect time to take our young grandson to McDonalds for a hot chocolate.

How do you find restaurants who understand and cater to the needs of young families, especially those with babies and toddlers?

I was reminded of the need for these when my son Justin, his wife Lauren and my grandson Miles visited for Thanksgiving last week.  After taking their son to the Michigan State University cow and sheep barns, we stopped at an East Lansing McDonalds for a hot chocolate.

We sat in a booth with a long table.  Our youngest grandson has graduated from sitting on your lap to moving, screeching and exploring.  It's just normal toddler stuff.  No problem at McDonalds, but what about other places.

Justin, in his Oatmeal Stout blog wrote about a restaurant near his home in St. Louis which was very aware of the importance of early weekend brunch time hours for toddlers with early awake times.  My son also casually mentioned the desirability of having an app that would be focused on finding restaurants and other businesses with the same kind of sensitivity to this special need.

Are there any apps like that out there in app-dom?  If not are there any developers who would be attracted to such a project?